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SKU: 0006
  • "FACTORY SECOND" PACK STOVES are still as absolutely effective and durable as thier mainstay counterparts, but have either irregularities in the weld line or simple cosmetic blemishes, that we feel some people may take issue with.  Therefore, we are offering these slightly imperfect stoves at the lowest price possible. Constructed of same premimum 304 SS, and featuring our dynamic patent pending locking system, these factory seconds are ready for anything.  

  • Size: 4"W x 4.81"H

    Weight: 11.87oz

    *** Due to the size of the burn chamber, THE PACK STOVE is best suited for 1 to 2 people facilitating water boiling and/or light cooking.

    Ships with 1x Removable Grill Plate and Black Frogg Togg Stuff Sack